Just a few easy steps and you’ll be on your consigning way!


1) Gather up your gently used kids & maternity consignment. For a list of items we take, as well as condition of goods, click here.

2) Fill out our easy one-page online form to give us your contact information and choose how you will give us your items, the method to receive proceeds, and what to do with items not chosen for consignment.

3) Based on seasonality & inventory, we will determine the best time to launch your goods live on our site, as well as the best pricing and promotion strategy.

4) Your proceeds are 40% of the final net sales price, and will be sent out during the 1st week of the month following the sale date.  We do offer a 20% premium on the cash value of your proceeds if you choose to receive store credit.

5) Any goods not chosen for sale can be mailed back to you for a $15 fee per box, picked up by consignor, or donated to an organization of Owl Tree Kids’ choosing.

Easy peasy! Now let's get started!